Employee Testimonials

Here's what current Synergy Hospitality employees have to say about working here!

Former General Manager

"The definition for Synergy is as follows: Cooperative interaction among groups, especially among the acquired subsidiaries or merged parts of a corporation, that creates an enhanced combined effect. What our company 'Synergy' means to me clearly goes off the definition but more specifically with all of our hotels and the corporate office and combined into one comprehensible team. I feel Synergy Hospitality promotes individuality as team members as well as sharing core values as a whole. I believe the culture of Synergy means growth and opportunity. With the many career and team building opportunities, Synergy believes in advancing its team members within the company."

Suzanne Sagullo, Director of Sales, Synergy Hospitality

“Synergy has done a very consistent job at creating a culture. There is a definite focus on culture – how to build it, keep it and enhance it. We spend the time, money and energy to keep the culture going at each hotel and within the company. I view our culture as a commitment to creating a great team, a team that is willing to take the extra steps to do things right. We are a company that really means they will train you, invest in your future and help you get where you want to go. It's evident by how well our hotels perform that focusing on getting the right team makes the difference.“

Synergy Corporate Team Member

“I think what differentiates Synergy from other companies I've worked for is that there is a focus on a culture. I think back to the IAHI leadership class at Emory. For two and a half days culture was not discussed. When I was asked to talk about Whale Done it opened up a can of worms. The big question was 'How can I create a single culture throughout multiple hotels.' The idea of culture from smaller hotel companies, at least the 30 or so represented at the class, was almost nonexistent. I think there is a culture in their corporate offices, but the idea of extending that culture out to each hotel, especially ones that were recently acquired seemed like a scary proposition. Hotels are often seen as their own little islands – don't rock the boat too much and don't bring in any outsiders. I can definitely see more and more companies trying to develop a strong culture. Over the course of 5 years at IHG I saw several attempts to bind hotel employees and corporate employees.“

Former Team Member

“We are a family-like atmosphere, working together to achieve our goal in being the best hotel in our market and brand. The culture encourages a 'voice' and allows each team member to have ownership on things good, bad, or indifferent because we each contribute. There are sometimes struggles along the path but to embrace every opportunity experienced as a learning lesson on our map to growth. Being aware of who we are as a company pushes us to never settle for second best and continue to strive on a daily basis to offer 'experiences' to every person that walks through our doors.“

Team Member Survey Response

“We work together as a team to unite in making our internal as well as our external guest feel a part of something that is bigger and better then we have experienced before. To provide an environment that encourages and fosters every single team member to have a voice.“

Team Member Survey Response

“I still remember my first day at the Homewood. I was so impressed with the quality and beauty of the hotel and the warmth of the management team. I remember thinking that even though I was starting at $8.75 an hour, I would be ok because this was a company I could learn and grow with. Tonya was always so positive and has a great way of making people feel 'at Home'. I honestly feel that I am at Home and appreciate the opportunities that I've been given! Thank you! The Synergy culture affords me every opportunity to grow as an individual and as an asset to the company. I am provided a positive atmosphere to develop my skills through both in house and outside training. I am forgiven if I make a mistake and receive the necessary coaching to do better. I am confident when presenting my ideas and am guaranteed great feedback from a company of 'experts' in exploring their implementation. My accomplishments, efforts and contributions are recognized and appreciated.“

Anonymous Team Member - Survey response

“There are so many things that I love about my job...from the people I work side by side with, our guests, the leadership from Synergy that has made us so successful. We operate with integrity, stay true to who we are, and dare to be different which ultimately allows us to make a difference in a person's day. The core values that are the very foundation of our company not only make us a better hotel company....but they make us better people. I am grateful for the knowledge I gain on a daily basis and I am blessed to be a part of this hotel company.“

Anonymous Team Member - Survey response

“There are a lot of reasons that I really enjoy my job! But mostly, it's because I work with the best, most genuine people who all really care about one another and what we do on a daily basis. It's so refreshing to work in an environment where individuality is appreciated, hard work is recognized, and the focus is on always striving to make things better.“