Culture | Synergy Hospitality

The theory is simple: Successful cultures equal successful hotels. Most hotel management companies would agree, but few actually "walk the talk". At Synergy, we firmly believe that a positive hotel culture not only defines what we do, but who we are. A great brand and product will only bring a guest to a hotel once; the hotel's culture makes these guests loyal fans and repeat clients.

We view our most important assets to be our Team Members. We strive to develop and maintain a work environment that fosters the passionate commitment and professional advancement of our Team Members in order to attract the best-qualified applicants and employ the finest Hospitality Teams in our respective markets.

Our Team Members, in turn will help us to provide for the total satisfaction of our hotel guests by offering unparalleled customer service and added value to our hotel clientele. Regardless of the location, amenities, or price level of the individual hotel property, our common goal is to offer the best lodging value and guest experience in each of the markets in which we operate.

With the assistance of our Team Members, we will consistently maintain and improve our hotel properties so that we may always present the most desirable lodging accommodations to our guests.